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Education students benefit greatly from broadening their worldview with an experience studying abroad. Students often find that their time in another country can actually make them better teachers, especially as they gain an appreciation for different educational values and worldviews. The University of Richmond was recently recognized as the “Hottest College for International Studies” and it’s no wonder. Nearly 70 percent of students study abroad. Students minoring in education should plan their study abroad program carefully, planning around their licensure exams and student teaching experience.

For information on studying abroad, visit the Office of International Education.

Teaching at Home and Abroad

While students typically wait until they’ve completed their degree to embark on this form of experiential learning opportunity, teaching English and other subjects abroad is a popular bridge experience that students enjoy before beginning a more permanent career in education. Students regularly apply to programs like World Teach and Fulbright ETA to gain experience in the classroom, contribute to a local community and see a different part of the world.

For information on service-oriented bridge experiences, visit the Career Services.

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