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Education and Society

The minor consists of five courses that encourage students to reflect on questions of central importance in education, such as what is the purpose of education, how has the history of the U.S. public education system contributed to its present state, and does our current system of education provide equitable opportunities for all. Many courses in the minor incorporate community-based learning, affording students opportunities to spend time in a range of educational settings in Greater Richmond. The capstone course is a seminar on local education issues where students conduct data analysis and research for community partners engaged in educational settings and activities.

Education and Society Minor Requirements

The Education and Society minor seeks to examine the institution of education and its role in society. It is designed specifically for students concerned with the interpretation, evaluation and reform of the American system of public education. The minor encourages students to reflect on questions of central importance in education such as:

  • What is the purpose of education?
  • How has the history of the system of public education in the United States contributed to its present state?
  • Does our current system of education provide equitable opportunities for all?

The Education and Society minor is NOT designed to prepare teachers or other school personnel and does NOT lead to certification.

Education and Society

Note: The grade point average of the coursework comprising the minor must be no less than 2.00 with no course grade below C (2.0). A maximum of one course may be taken at another institution or through an approved study abroad program, with departmental approval.

Five units, including:

EDUC 220 Education in America

Three electives chosen from the following list. At least two of these selections must be courses where community-based learning pedagogy for exploring current conditions and issues in education is a significant component. Courses using such pedagogy are indicated with a *.

EDUC 333 Alternate Approaches to K-12 Education*

EDUC 337 Education and Public Policy*

EDUC 340 Gender and Education*

EDUC 341 Leadership in Education*

EDUC 345 Urban Education*

EDUC 346 Philosophy of Education

EDUC 347 Improving America's Schools*

EDUC 376 Social Justice in Education

LDST 384 Education and Equity

EDUC 440 Contemporary Issues in Education